What we offer

Personal And Business Email Security

Protect against advanced email threats including impersonation and spear-phishing. Recover you data and ease of access is guaranteed.

Cyber Security Consulting

Industry-leading incident response, assessment, transformation, managed detection and response, and training services with hands-on tactical support.

Social Media Security

we process and analyze dynamic social media data in order to protect against security and business threats, as well as recovering your data.

Funds Recovery

We specialize in the recovery of assets from financial fraud.We have helped thousands of scammed victims from around the world to recover their funds. No matter how complex your situation is, we have the solution for you.

Security Optimization

Security Validation provides continuous monitoring and alerting on any unexpected changes in your underlying infrastructure that may impact the performance of your security.

Healthcare Security

Protect patient data,clinical research and infrastructure. Attackers target patient records, intellectual property and research assets because they’re the most valuable data on the black market.


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